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Ghost Mannequin Service is a post-production phase where several photos of a product on a model or mannequin are edited or merged in a way that deletes the model or mannequin and showcase only the product. 

E-commerce sites don’t need any model or mannequin to showcase the product. They only need a good, detailed picture of the product only. This is where a Ghost Mannequin Service can help the e-commerce businessmen. As they will be able to use the same picture including the model or mannequin to make it just a product photo for an e-commerce site. 

What is Ghost Mannequin Service?

Ghost Mannequin Service which is also known as “invisible mannequin” or “3D Mannequin” or “Hollow Man” is a kind of simple yet powerful effect that is used during post-production of a product photo shoot. This is basically a technique which is used in photography of clothing products to solve the display issue on e-commerce sites. Because those places need only product photo to showcase and Ghost Mannequin Service will remove the model or mannequin who wore the clothes during the time of photo shoot. 

To all the e-commerce businessmen, magazine owners, and professional photographers, this Ghost Mannequin Service is a life saver for them. This service is a cost-effective for the clothing brands but yet has an excellent efficient way of promoting brands. It will merge two or more photos of the clothing product and edit them with precise finish so that it can provide a detailed view to the visitors and attract them to buy these clothing products.

What is Neck Joint Service?

If you are a Solution Photographer, then you are already familiar with this term. Neck joint service is a must need for most of the product photographers. Apart from them, online clothing stores, garments, fashion houses, e-commerce sites, newspapers, and advertising agencies also require neck joint service to showcase any clothing product or brand. 

When you get rid of a model or mannequin during Ghost Mannequin Service, you will see an empty place at the neck space. It looks odd and creates a bad impression to the visitors and customers. This is where a neck joint service will come to give you a proper solution. They will do the neck job precisely and make your cloth look much better. To do so, the experts will clip path, add shadows, employ liquefy, and boost border. Even they apply color adjustment to make the photo look beautiful.

What Are the Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service?

There are a lot of benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service. For starters, you won’t have to take a lot of photos of the model or mannequin to get our service. Only two photos will be enough to make the model or mannequin vanish and to put all the focus on the clothes. Maybe in some occasions, you will need more to showcase your clothing product perfectly. 

This service is hugely depend on the shape and cut of the photos of your products. It also depends on the covered area of a model or a mannequin. Usually Ghost Mannequin Service charge on the basis of these two things. To showcase a watch or bracelet brand, we won’t need any mannequin or model. But we still have to use our Ghost Mannequin Service and techniques to provide you the best photos of your bracelet or watch. So, you can even manage to gain best photos of your watch and bracelet without using a model or mannequin. It can save you a lot of money. 

Ghost Mannequin Service allows the product to get in its best and original shape. A photo with a model or mannequin won’t be able to do that. So, there is a better chance of getting consumer demand when you use our service. 

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect is a popular way to cover the mannequin layer and showcase the clothing product’s image. This will surely create some buzz in the online and in this modern era of technology, it will be a huge promotion for your brand. 

The whole world is taking Ghost Mannequin Service to promote their brands and increase their sales. It doesn’t matter that you are an online businessman or a clothing photographer or a fashion photographer or a garment company owner, you must have to take our service to attract the visitors and customers to your clothes. 

Ghost Mannequin Service has some added feature also. You will get neck joint service without any extra cost. Different types of mannequins such as, invisible, 3D, composite image, etc. can be provided by a Ghost Mannequin Service.

How Do Our Experts Do Ghost Mannequin Service?

We have a team full of experts and professional editors who are willing to take any challenge throw at them. They always try their best to provide the best possible results and photos to our clients. We handle all of our work professionally and always try to deliver quality work so that we can gain a reputation in this business. And to do so, our experts work hard day and night. So, you can be assure about our efforts and quality. These two things won’t never disappoint you. 

There are a lot of things our experts do and use to perform a perfect Ghost Mannequin Service. Photoshop retouching, contrast, brightness, color adjustment, sharpening, merging, editing, etc. are the key things that our experts do while performing Ghost Mannequin Service

Our main goal is to fulfill the requirements of the clients and offer them quality results of our work. We try to vision a real perspective when we get any order. Then assign the best man from our team who can do this service in a perfect way and make an impression to our clients. 

There are some more things our experts follow while doing Ghost Mannequin Service, which are as follows: 

  1. Cut Unwanted Objects: First of all they cut all the area which is covered by a model or mannequin so that only the clothing part remains. 
  2. Separating Objects: After finishing the first step, you have to separate those cutting objects and start working with the product photo. 
  3. Removing Artifacts: If there is still any artifact remain, then you have to remove that as soon as possible. Otherwise you won’t be able to get the best clothing photo. 
  4. Draw the Path: This is one of the key step of Ghost Mannequin Service. If you can complete this one perfectly, then you will be able to get the best results in no time. 

Masking: This is the final step where you have to merge two or more photos together and do masking so that the photo can be showcased in e-commerce site.

What Are the Tools We Use to Do Ghost Mannequin Service?

We are giving you the details of our tools here so that you can get an idea about our Ghost Mannequin Service. We try to use the best tools so that we can provide our clients the best product photos for their site to increase their sales and reputation. Here all the tools are mentioned below: 

  • Camera

Camera is a first and foremost tool of a Ghost Mannequin Service. We use Canon E05 5D Mk III for our photo shoots. Our experts feel comfortable with this camera and they can get the pictures they need from this camera. Even the outsider product photographer also recommend this camera. 

  • Studio Lighting 

Lighting plays a key role in product photo shoot. Studio lighting will make your photos look excellent and phenomenal. You will must need a continuous source of lighting so that the exposure, contrast, brightness, and shadows remain perfect during the photo shoot. 

  • Professional Photographer
Only a professional photographer who has prior experience with these type of product and clothing photography can deliver you what you need. This is why we hire an experienced professional photographer to get the best photos to do mannequin on them and make it capable of showcasing in any site. 
  • Your Clothing 
Your clothing is our subject. We try to put all our efforts to offer a detailed view to the visitors so that they get interested to by those clothes. We choose only those clothes which will work well with our style of photography and Ghost Mannequin Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Service
Finally we do our Ghost Mannequin Service. We can do that on both models and mannequin. An interchangeable chest and arms is all we need to do our service precisely. After that, we will remove all the parts and will showcase only the brand products. 

What Are Your Role in Ghost Mannequin Service?

Before giving us the job to do Ghost Mannequin Service, you must ensure some things. These are the things which you should complete before coming to us: 

  • Design a Basic Model
  • Style Your Clothes in Your Way
  • Enhance Your Garment 
  • Choose the Best Model



  • If you ever face a situation where your clothes are bigger than your mannequin, then try to use pin at the back and armpit area to make it look fitted and sleek. 
  • You can also use white paper to cover places which is needed to be filled or completed. 
  • Before a photo shoot, try to box your clothes according to the mannequin. It will save both your time and effort.

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Here are some of the frequently asked question’s answers so that you can have a proper insight about our Ghost Mannequin Service.

Photographers have to shoot clothing product with a model or mannequin to get the full view of the product. But these type of photos can’t be posted in online e-commerce sites as they just need a product photo only. So, by employing various photoshop procedures, mannequin is removed by the editor from those clothing products. The way it is removed from the garment items is known as invisible mannequin effect.

Basically a neck joint service is used to get rid of the empty places of a mannequin’s neck space. While working with shirt, t-shirt, blazer, and these type of upper clothing, neck part of the mannequin can put some trouble for you. Neck joint service will provide remedies for you by getting rid of those empty places of neck space of a mannequin.

To get the ghost mannequin effect, you must have to cut out the mannequin precisely on the first place. Then you have to take neck joint service if it is an upper cloth otherwise just have to merge two or more photos of the clothing product. If your cut and finish is precise and clear, then you will get the best ghost mannequin effect.

To shoot invisible mannequin, you have to use crepe paper to cover the area of the mannequin where the clothes are available. After covering those area with the paper, you will be able to shoot invisible mannequin quite easily. 

Ghost Mannequin Service is used for better product display to attract the visitors to the sites. Numerous sectors are in need of this service these days. For instance, e-commerce sites, garments factories, magazines, advertising agencies, etc. are the key people for whom our service is made for. 

Ghost Mannequin Service has the purpose to make product photos attractive and eye-catching to the visitors. There are some other purposes of this service such as, removing mannequin, decorating clothing, creating attractive item images, removing tan, ditch, place, dirt, etc. You can also get 2D and 3D photos from our service

What Do You Get From Our Service

It’s not all about work; we care about your project. That’s why ensuring the delivery of quality service is essential to us. This is what you get from us-


World is getting advanced and faster these days. All types of businesses captured the online platforms nowadays because this is the best place to find the potential customers. And to attract those people to your brand or site, you must have to set a unique strategy. Ghost Mannequin Service can be that quite easily as it can beautify your clothing photos in a way that will surely attract a lot of people and increase your brand value, credibility, and sales in no time. So, if you are looking for a place to get quality service for an affordable price, then here we are eagerly waiting for you to welcome you.

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